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Xadrez nos selos

Reproduzo a seguir um interessante artigo sobre o xadrez nos selos:

Some notes on the Swedish chess stamp

Jon Edwards

The Swedish chess stamp was issued on October 12, 1985. The 3 Kr (300 ore) stamp shows a position fragment from a game that Swedish chess players have come to call the immortal correspondence chess game. Arvid Sundin (born December 8, 1912) was well known in Sweden as a musician. Apart from this game, which features two Queen sacrifices, his chess career was not well known. Nonetheless, he himself acknowledged, undoubtedly owing to this stamp, that "My chess games will survive my music." I regret to note that Sundin has recently died.

Arvid Sundin v Erik Andersson

Most of the stamps were issued in rolls of 100. Each tenth stamp was numbered on the back "10" "20" "30" etc. up until "00" representing the 100th stamp.

Far more rare, some of the stamps were issued in rolls of 500. On those rolls, the numbers are of smaller sizes to accommodate three digit numbers. The stamp on the longer banderole here contains the number "500"

The banderoles are always damaged when the roll of stamps is opened. Evidence of the careful opening of these can be observed.

The translation of the text on the smaller banderole is "CHESS / 100 stamps / Value 300kr /Article number ....."

The translation of the text on the larger banderole is "CHESS / 500 stamps / Value 1500kr /Article number ....."


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